All the hours of restoring your RAID data can be saved with the features included in Windows 7 or specialized programs to back up your entire RAID content.

If you sometimes need to restore the entire RAID contents, you certainly know how much time is required. Not only is it necessary to restore the operating system, but also the hardware drivers and all the software used.

The restore may need in case there is any data loss. What to do if your RAID backup is damaged? Learn more about professional RAID data recovery at Check out some special backup programs.

Backup in Windows

In Windows 7, you’ll find a very useful tool to completely back up your computer content. See the Control Panel | System and security Backup and recovery. For a complete backup, use the Create System Image option and then choose the location where the backup data will be stored. In addition to using disks connected to your computer, you can also burn a backup on a DVD series or save the backup to a network drive.

Acronis True Image

If you want to take the backup really seriously, you will need a professional backup tool. For example, Acronis True Image can also back up the complete image of your RAID disks, but it can do much more.

In Acronis True Image, you can choose very carefully which content of your computer will be backed up, whether standard folders such as Docs and more, specific files and folders of your choice or just the content of the Outlook email client. You can then compress the contents of the backup in order to save space, protect it by encryption and password, or split it into multiple backup media.

The backup is also important for notebooks (laptops, Apple Mac notebook) used for official work. Data recovery service is also available for notebooks. Learn more about it at

HDD Raw Copy Tool

By copying the complete contents of the hard disk of the RAID system, the free HDD Raw Copy Tool is also available. There are several possibilities of using the program. From backing up the complete computer content, through data migration to a new, larger disk, to saving data from a damaged disk with omission of unreadable sectors. You can use the HDD Raw Copy Tool to copy any type of hard drive as well as make accurate copies of USB flash drives or memory cards.


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