The commercial truck drivers being skeptical about installing electronic logging device is a common scenario.  As it is a new technology, some people are yet unaware of the benefit it offers. ELD not only brings better accountability to individuals working within the stipulated hours of service but also records the driver’s time on duty or while driving. To be precise, ELD is believed to make things more transparent.

Once the drivers opt for E-logs, they would find it difficult to use the old paper log books again. Though there are innumerable stories related to ELDs that enhance the mistrust and fear of truckers- but the truth is the advent of this technology as helped commercial truck drivers and carriers in a number of ways. Are you keen on knowing how? If yes, go through the following write-up.

  • ELD enable the truckers to cover more miles on highways that help them to make more money

ELD mandate for truckers was proposed by the FMCSA which estimates that the drivers are likely to spend approximately 20 hours every year filling out the driver paper logs and sending the HOS documents to the respective carriers. ELDs help the drivers to reduce 15 minutes of time a day that an individual invests on HOS paperwork.  This technology also helps one to lessen the time spent on check-calls.

  • ELDs  get the truckers back on the highways comparatively faster with inspections

For starters, the outcomes are pretty clear for the officers to perceive. The drivers can clearly zip right via the inspections that would further allow them to get back on the highways faster. The truckers would no longer need to go through the handwritten paper logs in order to find HOS violations or errors.

  • ELDs lessen the pressure of burdensome paperwork

The truck drivers hardly opt for open roads as some of them still enjoy filling out paperwork. When talked about cutting tedious paperwork, ELDs are the best option to rely upon.  ELDs automate HOS compliance procedure thus, saving the drivers from the trip sheets or painful paper logs which they would have otherwise recorded at each line crossing.

  • ELDs eliminate manner and form errors which can be expensive and troublesome

Paper driver logs are indeed the perfect spot where one can perceive imperfection in action. It isn’t difficult to draw an extremely long line, enter incorrect location or else record wrong time. Those mistakes might add up to increase CSA fines and scores. Since DVIRs, IFTA tax reporting and HOS logs are automated by the new technology, appropriate usage ensures paperwork completely free from errors. ELDs also calculate the work hours precisely and saves individuals from tedious phone calls demanding information that the truckers may not remember or have access to.

FMCSA login is necessary if you’re keen on gathering information regarding the use of ELDs in compliance with the rules imposed by the government. If you’re still stuck with the paper logs, it is necessary to consider the points mentioned above and opt for ELDs in no time.


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