In “computer language” all are numbers and every computer or device (cell, tablet, TV, etc.) on the internet is represented by a number that we call IP (Internet Protocol). IP is a prerequisite to being or making available something on the internet.

You should have already seen an IP because it has more or less this format:

The domain service is designed to address this problem by making it easier to find computers and devices on the Internet.

On general websites (including blogs) domains are used to locate the computer where the website was created, a simple and effective way of locating your site, without which the internet had not become popular. In short, so-called ‘blog addresses’, ‘urls’, ‘site names’ and so on!

Where should I register my domains?

There are several websites that make this service available. What matters in practice is the level of security associated with registration, company location, price (which on average costs $30 per year) and the ease of administration of this domain, whether in changing registration data or in DNS settings.

Over 15 years of providing website and blogging services I have registered many sites for my clients in various companies that provide these services. What I realized is that the companies that give less problems when doing some kind of maintenance are Reg names – domain name services platform and Godaddy.

The vast majority of these companies use an integrated service that registers their data in other companies and they end up having difficulties of locating the data registered by them. When doing some type of migration, we end up having a poor service in the area dedicated to Registry of domains, being very difficult to make any type of change or request of information, as for example the users and passwords so that it is possible to make changes directly in the registry organ.

In addition, its tools integrated to the registry organs are very complex, mainly for ordinary users, having the need to do much research and understanding of networks and other technical subjects, which makes it unfeasible and a great nightmare when something is needed a little unusual.

In addition to do domain availability search, when registering in Reg names, you can use its DNS service, which makes the site opening time much faster, since you do not have to go to a service that is in a network abroad to resolve the domain name.


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