Left paying the power bill to the last minute? With just a couple of minutes to go till the payment deadline, all you need is a bill payment app and you’re sorted.

There are several bills you pay in a month, some of them being utility bills. You might be paying on the provider’s website directly. It might seem like such a little job, but not doing it on time can have tremendous consequences.

Pay the power bills on time…or else!

It won’t do to have the house plunge into darkness just as the October heat takes off in full swing. With the rising heat, there are chances that you and your loved ones consume more power by way of switching on the air conditioner for longer. The bills will be higher every time the mercury rises, but it’s all good as long as the bill is paid on time.

But disaster strikes sooner or later, and it might come in the form of you forgetting to pay the electricity bill on time. You might have received regular reminders from your service provider about the bill payment date. You may even have made a note about in your diary. But it still skipped your mind and now, the due date expires in a few minutes and you have forgotten to pay the electricity bill!

What is it going to be – have the power cut off for non-payment, or continue uninterrupted with a last-minute dash to the finish line? If it’s the latter, then you need to arm yourself with a good bill payment app and your smartphone – let’s go!

The best bill payment app – myAirtel on your smartphone

  • First off, start by downloading the myAirtel app on your phone. It is free to download for both Android and iOS users.
  • After it is installed, start using the app to pay electricity bill in a jiffy. For the uninitiated, the myAirtel app lets you pay all utility bills for providers across the country, multiple phone and prepaid recharge for all providers, etc. You don’t have to be an Airtel subscriber to use this app for bill payments.
  • Under ‘Bill payments’ choose the option to pay the electricity bill and your service provider. You will also have to mention the city of your residence. Opt to save this information for faster transactions the next time.
  • Pay the electricity bill as directed, using any of the offered payment systems: Airtel Payments Bank (if you are an Airtel subscriber), debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI app, etc.
  • You can even save your card details on the myAirtel app for a faster transaction the next time around.
  • Once the payment is processed, you have finished paying the electricity bill. Whew, that was close! Now you can enjoy the rest of the month with uninterrupted access to power whenever you need it!


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