Do you have a running website? In the due course of time, it is good to set a new theme and make it more appealing. So, you need to test the themes such that you can select a compatible one. At times, it is also essential to import sample data to test the theme and plugins. Once you have planned everything, you need to remove the existing parameters for testing them in real-time. But reinstalling WordPress requires time. In order to make the process quick, you can reset WordPress by a single click.

No doubt, uninstalling the existing parameters and reinstalling the WordPress to get default value is also a lengthy process and requires effort. However, there is a need of removing staging environment from the site to test new themes, plugins and images in a proper way. So, there is no need to wipe them using this long process when you have the opportunity to reset and build it from scratch. It is a simple process and no need for any special training to do the same.

Resetting the WordPress Site

Before you reset your site, you have to login using your username and password and then follow the steps explained below-

  • Go to Tools and then Database Reset
  • Choose the database tables that you want to reset
  • Type the exact security code and click ‘OK’

During the process, it will set all the values of the selected database tables to default. Within a few moments, you will get back to the WP dashboard. Now, it is the time to test whatever changes you want to make in the website. Interestingly, you can apply new themes and add new plugins such that it becomes more responsive. In case you are looking for the collection of WP plugins to make a choice, you can get the details at TidyRepo.

Things to Know – A Valuable Tip

As you might know that resetting and testing WP site will make it inappropriate for the visitors to avail of the services. If you won’t make the targeted audience aware of the background process, it may lose your valuable clients. Though it was not an issue in the past because of a limited number of websites, you have to consider every aspect now.

At this point of time, it is appreciable if you use coming soon plugins. It is a customized page where you can set themes, images, add texts, characters, brand logos and countdown timer to make the visitors aware of the background activity. However, it does not mean that you have to explain everything to the clients. You can make them aware by simply giving a message of under construction or maintenance.

It is an effective way to hold your active clients and get connected with the new one as well. If you are planning on DIY resetting method, you can proceed but remember that professionals can assist you in many ways. So, it is always a better choice to hire WP experts.


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