Web development has evolved significantly over the years and the rise of a number of platforms along with languages and tools has made the job of developers easier. A virtual interface can be obtained effortlessly by an owner who can either hire a developer or even migrate from other platforms using facilities like HTML to WordPress services. Irrespective of the platform used for building the website, some tools and utilities remain constant for all professionals and one of the most important among them is the code editor. It can be described as a simple editing tool but by helping minimize mistakes and easing repetitive functions, these tools are immensely valuable in improving the efficiency of professionals. A list of some of the best code editors for WordPress developers is being presented here for all professionals.

1. Notepad++

One of the best- known names in the domain, Notepad++ is a free product which supports a number of languages including PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. A very easy to install and lightweight application that comes with user- defined syntax highlighting and syntax folding which displays an error immediately. It has a very useful feature of auto- completion which predicts words, functions or function parameters and is extremely helpful in speeding up the coding work. Primarily built for Windows, this WYSIWYG editor is compatible with other major platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, and Unix.

2. Sublime Text

Another very powerful product, Sublime Text is available for free initially but requires the purchase of a license for continued usage. The license is user-specific which means that a person after buying the license can use the service on as many machines or operating systems as he/she wishes to. Beneficial features like multiple selection helping in undertaking numerous modifications at one time and goto anything which lets a person access desired files in minimum keystrokes make it an appropriate choice for programmers. It also offers the facility of split editing which enables the modification of two files at the same time in side-by-side panels or editing of two locations in a single file.

3. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a Microsoft owned open source product which is compatible with all major operating systems and supports over 30 languages like ASP.NET, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. the service comes with an intellisense feature which enables smart completion of code lines based on function definitions, variable types and imported modules. It comes with pre-built facilities for working with Git and other software configuration management (SCM) providers and tasks like reviewing diffs, making commits and staging files can be completed directly from the editor. One of the other major attractions of this free service is that it can be customized according to requirements and new languages, themes or debuggers can be added by installing extensions.

4. Atom

One of the best code editors for sticky menu, Atom is another open source platform with an easily navigable interface which is very helpful for beginners. This multi- platform compatible product has numerous packages which can be used to extend its functionality and a developer has the liberty of creating a custom package and adding to the service. A user can open multiple panes to view and modify more than one file at a time and with its file system browser feature, open a single file or multiple projects in a single window.

5. Brackets

A modern text editor which is easily installed, Brackets has incorporated visual tools so that the process becomes even more effortless for a professional. An open source initiative of Adobe, this product has been developed with JavaScript and provides the convenience of inline editing by allowing the user to open a window in the code to make quick alterations. It also enables the coder to preview all the changes being made in real time provides complete preprocessor support.

6. Coda

Coda is a text editor for Mac and this paid service has an efficient file management environment which lets a programmer access files locally or open them remotely on FTP, SFTP, WebDAV or Amazon S3 servers. It’s WebKit preview feature comes with a debugger, web inspector and profiler in addition to the AirPreview facility which enables the usage of an iPad or iPhone to preview pages while the code is being input through a desktop.

7. jEdit

Written in Java, jEdit can be deployed on all major OS and can be downloaded and installed in no time without requiring the payment of any fees. It comes with auto indent and syntax highlighting for more than 200 languages and supports over 160 character encodings such as Unicode and UTF 8. A very handy tool, it gives a user the freedom to open as many files as he/she desires at one time besides enabling him/her to extend the functionality of the editor with the help of over 200 plugins available for the purpose.


Each one of the above- mentioned code editors for WordPress developers possesses numerous advantageous features and can be used by professionals to complete their projects quickly and improve their efficiency.

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