One of the most common problems of every company out there is to manage the time and attendance of their employees. Above all things, the common technological process that many core business forms such as payroll system have experienced to be left out by time and attendance. Based on some reports, they have found out that only half of the organizations are using the efficient time and attendance software systems. Maybe, the old saying “if not broken don’t fix it” is always the culprit for not enhancing someone’s business process. But, for whatever reasons it may seem, the usage of this efficient software is not commonly focused by several HR systems nowadays.

Time-Tracking Technology

For an organization that is outdated for this kind of software, they may be wondering what could be the fuss and the benefits behind this, given the fact that keeping your employees time-tracking system seems to be a fairly easy and uncomplicated process. Before time and attendance software, was simply focused on the time clock and they use that to pay their employees. But since the technology is always changing, new solutions have progressed, newer software systems have moved the simple timekeeping process into a new level.

As technology continues soaring high, small businesses often overgrown the important aspect of the business: their employee time tracking system. Time and attendance systems that are based on paper time cards or sheets, can also affect the revenues of a company. Switching to automated systems can help you track your employee’s time accurately which can lead to a more productive and efficient workplace.

Here are the top reasons why a company should use a time-tracking technology system:

1. Time Efficient: Payroll

Using an automated time-tracking technology system can lessen the time spent by both HR and the employees for tracking, recording, and processing their time spent working each day, week, and month. Aside from that, employees can focus more on their respective jobs, compared to the additional work of accounting themselves manually for the time-tracking.

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2. Prevent Time Theft and Buddy-Punching

The downside of the manual time-tracking system is for employees who are taking a longer break time than allotted, and clocking in for a buddy when they are late to work and over break, or commonly known as “buddy-punching”.

According to some reports, there are 75% of businesses are losing money from the buddy-punching issue. Time theft is indeed costly, so automated time and attendance tracking system can prevent it.

3. Less Human Error in Bookkeeping

Nobody is perfect, everybody commits mistakes and errors, even if you have some preventive tools with you such as calculator, spreadsheets, or any other computation device. Even the most professional and accurate typist in the world also commit a mistake for every 300 keystrokes. But the most crucial part is, even one misplaced digit or decimal can result from accounting issues which need to be corrected, or worse, left unnoticed which might affect someone’s salary.

Moreover, asking your employees to remember when or what time they started and finished working, the exact time for breaks, lunches, can be daunting and time-consuming, and plus, it is not always accurate.

Because of that, it’s really important for an organization to practice the use of time and attendance tracking system in order to achieve a better result for your business. For time-tracking system technology, you may visit for more information.


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