When you hear the word ‘influencer,’ what comes to your mind? Exactly! Oftentimes, it is fashion, beauty, wellness, or the likes. However, influencing people is not only limited to popular culture as it is also a very strategic selling point in foreign exchange.

How are these people able to make foreign exchange well-known on social media platforms like Instagram? Many would think that discussing such topic would not create so much buzz on social media. Now, take a look at these popular foreign exchange influencers and learn how they are able to capture the public interest.

Samuel and Co. Trading

Samuel and Co. Trading was established in 2012 after its founder Samuel Leach was able to captivate the public with his trading strategies. He decided to build a team of experienced traders to expand his trading teaching engagement across the United Kingdom, and eventually the globe. To date, his team has already taught over 3,000 people from 63 countries. They also have more than 115,000 followers on Instagram where they post updates about their trading activities.

Due to their popularity, they have been covered by mainstream media such as Forbes, Huffpost, and Yahoo! Finance. Leach has also been invited to give TedEx talks. The company also offers free and premium online trading lessons that will surely help Forex brokers in Vietnam boost their capabilities in the market.

Millionaire Mentor

The Millionaire Mentor boasts 6.1 million Instagram followers, which is the leading foreign exchange influencer of today. Founded by Jason Stone, this platform markets its “Inner Circle” strategy which lets people meet and network with strong individuals with entrepreneurial goals. Stone gains popularity for being a serial entrepreneur, venturing in multiple seven (7) – figure businesses in web, marketing, and forex.

Stone was not a professional marketer when he started trading; he is a mechanical engineer. Because of his hard work and sense of leadership, he emerged as one of the trusted names in the field of foreign exchange. He is also known for his go-to marketing strategies and viral marketing. Leveraging on his influence, he started other ventures in the market which amassed him more success that he has ever acquired.


Labelling themselves as “Two guys creating a Forex empire,” AstroFx founders Shaun Lee and Aman Natt have utilized Youtube as their platform to engage individuals into the world of trading. Currently, they have over 103,000 subscribers on YT and 131,000 followers on Instagram. Because of their immense public presence, they are considered as the one of the leading trading schools in the United Kingdom.

AstroFx has taught over 2,200 students including Forex brokers in Vietnam and has gained favorable reviews from the public. Consisting of 15 mentors, the Astro Forex team offers five courses that use comprehensive approaches.  Through their vlogs, they have also captivated audiences who have little to no knowledge in foreign exchange. They have been featured on several media outlets such as Entrepreneur, CBS. BBC, and CNBC.


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