Before buying a product, you dig into its specifications owing the fact of circumventing yourself from buying a faulty product or service. On similar grounds, you as a consumer will always make sure to get the best internet service at an affordable cost.  But before signing up for a new connection to enjoy the fast speed and save some bucks, don’t just hire a service provider. Instead, it is of uttermost importance to the commission with a reliable service provider in your city.

But, where do you even start?

The main purpose of this post is to satiate the dearth of informing proper things to the customer with an intention to find an apt service provider. Here we begin with some questions you need to ask the service provider before finalising an internet service provider:

What Speed do they offer?

The only thing that annoys the most is actually the speed of the internet. Make sure before taking up an internet service you ask your provider about the offer and speed limit included in it. Also, it’s better to know what you plan to do online so you can get the right speed at the right price. So basically, ask your service provider — Do they deliver high-speed internet? At a high speed, your files will download at a relatively high speed.

What are your plans, prices, taxes, and miscellaneous costs?

If you will just focus on the less price of the plan, you might end up getting caught up with a bad internet connection. See if the provider has good plans in justified prices, do take that. Also, compare the prices and plans with other providers in your area. The internet service providers in Mumbai, Delhi, or other metropolitan cities are huge in numbers. So, ask a few of the best providers about the plans, about connection cost, tax, fixed rate, and hourly plans and rates.

Would you have to buy or rent a modem and a router?

Ask your provider if you have to buy your own wireless router or rent one from your provider. There are some internet broadband companies who offer a plan that includes the use of a router at no additional cost.

Would there be any early termination fees?

First of all, you need to check if your ISP is making you sign any contract. Even if there is some sort of cancellation or early withdrawal fee, do check with other service providers if they charge as well. Being a customer, you must be aware of the terms and conditions along with the contract period.

Would you provide customer or technical service?

You have to keep in mind that some service providers may not be able to provide service in a particular area. If you live in a remote area, ask your service provider if he will be at your call. Besides, there are few providers who charge fees for service. And also, few service providers tend to provide the first service for free and then charge later on. Another question to ask — what are the contact details for your technical support and are the numbers accessible 24/7?

With these questions in mind, you would be able to have a better connection in affordable prices. Moreover, you will be more than satisfied.


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