Most of the Android users love to use their lovely apps on PC more than the handset. PC is quite comfortable compared with mobile phones in the same way for Vidmate app. When you make use of the app in your PC then you will wonder by means of its feature enhancements. Choosing this app for PC is a good choice since it is a video downloading an app that allows you to download and watch all sorts of media contents. Thus when you use this app on PC, no matter what you can easily able to watch as well as download.

Look here to know more about the benefits of using Vidmate app on PC. They are,

Large storage:

You all know the storage capacity of the PC and the laptop is quite large. It’s defiantly large than the handset thus you can download any sorts of contents. Regardless of its types and then the numbers you all set to download without any constraints. The storage capacity in PC is even TB thus you guys never want to look at the space availability of your PC in any situation.

Compatibility of all resolution:

Sometimes your phone doesn’t support some kind of resolution. Alternatively, the PC doesn’t have such limitations. It supports all the resolution and in fact, you can easily be allowed to watch the content in a seamless way. You can watch all the media files even though it has high quality.

Theatre experience:

Compared with the phone display obviously, the PC display is quite large thus you can watch your favourite downloaded content as like watching in the theatre. You can feel the difference for sure while you see any content in the PC.

Steps to follow:

In order to download Vidmate app on your PC just do as per mentioned in the below steps. You want to follow the steps provided here,

  1. Before going to install the Vidmate app you want to check whether your PC has Bluestacks Android emulator.
  2. In case your PC does not have that tool then you are required to download and install it at first
  3. Once the Bluestacks application installed click and open the tool
  4. Surely it takes some seconds to open you want to wait until then
  5. When it opened after that search for the option called “My Apps” it is situated at the topmost right corner of the tool
  6. Click on the “My Apps” option and then it will take you another page where look for the “+” sign
  7. Click on the sign and then a window will open
  8. The window is nothing but the local folder of your PC. In that look for the downloaded Vidmate app apk file and then choose it
  9. The moment you choose the source file it will start to install on your device

Finally, the app installed make use of it to download any sorts of media files on your choice. It helps you to obtain all the contents for free.  


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