Technology is bringing the much-required safety to the companies and their people. The new age biometric devices come with an access control feature. Gone are the days when lock and key were the only means to control the entry of people to certain areas or office. Now an employee’s finger is the key to the door of the office. Most of the companies have biometric attendance software installed in their companies. So, in this blog, we tell the companies and users how exactly a biometric attendance software works. Let’s begin.

How a biometric system functions?

The whole biometric thing works primarily on a device at the entrance door. Instead of a door lock, there is an electromagnetic door which opens with the fingerprint. It doesn’t open if the fingerprint of the person is not in the database. However, as soon as the person whose fingerprint is in the database of the software punches, the device identifies and records the punch in the software. All of this happens in a fraction of seconds and the door opens and closes as soon as the person enters if it has not been deliberately left open.

If you are curious to know how a fingerprint acts as the key of the door, you should keep reading. There is actually a technology behind it which is quite simple yet effective. When your fingerprint is taken by the system for the first time by the employer at the time of joining the company, the software converts all the unique characteristics of that device into binary codes. So, when the same is stored in the database, the next time you punch, it matches the binary codes present in the database with your fingerprint and opens the door. The binary codes are so unique that duplicating them is almost impossible. Moreover, every fingerprint is unique so no employee can put the fingerprint for another employee which prevents time theft.

What is the scope of biometric devices in general?

Here are a few ways that a biometric system can help with. Take a look.

  • Home safety- Biometric access is also used for the safety of the home. You can take fingerprints of family members and other knowns if you want to.
  • Attendance management- The biometric attendance software is most popular as a biometric attendance software. It is used in offices to manage and track the movement of employees, their last and first punch, etc.
  • Restricting entry- Whether its a server room, or a jewelry vault, you can restrict the opening of the gate or vault by allowing only a few people to enter using their punch.

If you are looking for a biometric that is loaded with features, you should use the software that alarms when an unauthorized person tries to enter. You can ask the vendors for this feature as it has many benefits and it also increases the security. Before actually buying the software, stay informed of the features and the support that the vendor provides.


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