YouTube and Facebook are two of the most used and most hyped social media. Users do not give any second thought before posting anything since they are sure of the popularity and fame they would get along with other financial benefits. Thumbnails are one of the most integral parts of any video since they attract the attention of viewers and also result in increasing of number of likes which is actually the ultimate aim of the maker of any video. To get the attention of viewers, the thumbnail should have a proper still image, precise text description and a content from which the viewer get an idea about what the video might contain. The most important thing is the sizing of the thumbnail and we must know how to create large youtube thumbnail for facebook. If the image doesn’t have proper sizing, then it won’t be visually appealing.

There are a lot of websites which help to convert thumbnails according to the video the maker posts. The most trusted website among them is which allows the video maker to directly pasted the links of the video for conversion. The image is uploaded and a brief description is provided so that they can understand the context of the video. After this, the website compiles it into a beautiful format which will not only enhance the look of the video but also attract attention of all the viewers and audience. After the file has been converted, the download format is given by the user and they can download in any format they want to be it jpeg, png or any format. After the youtube to facebook video converter has been applied, once downloaded, we can use it anywhere we want to. Sizing and resolution is very important when the user views a video in mobile, pc, or laptop or anywhere. The image which has been uploaded should be able to clearly display itself therefore if we apply proper sizing and resolving techniques, then the image size changes according to the screen size and it also adapts to the changing resolutions.

Thumbnails are very important if any maker wants their video to become famous and spread their talent or maybe come to limelight. It helps them gather views and also get monetary benefits which promotes their business and also lets them have a livelihood source. Social media sites promote the business and also help start-ups to flourish .It is a faster technology to spread the news and other information which other digital communications cannot achieve in such a short span. Facebook is highly used for spreading any news and thus, helps in growth of the users. Their aim of achieving views is also fulfilled by the use of social medias. The website mentioned above always fulfils the expectation of all its customer and guarantees complete satisfaction for all its services which the customer can sit back and enjoy without any hassles or errors.


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