In the modern Internet era, social media is emerging as one of the most useful and powerful marketing tools in your marketing kit. As 90% of the younger demographics use social networks and media to communicate, as well as get to know their favorite brands, it is inevitable that it is becoming the most important marketing strategy for all the target markets of one business and company.

As seen, the Internet world is changing rapidly from day to day, and it is crucial to stay in touch with all updates and news that are coming from the social media world, whether you are beginner or professional in this field. Social Bloom is a powerful Instagram growth service that grows your Instagram in 2018 for online Business.

In the following guide, you can see several steps which can help your business improve its performance on social media, and maximize the impact of your campaigns, with the goal to achieve your desired estimates (visits, conversions, etc.).

  1. Identify business goalsEvery business starts with defining its goals. You cannot move on with your business until you know exactly what you like to do, as well as achieve your project. The overall needs of your business will have a final say into what your social media strategy will look like. For start, you must an overall perception of several generic goals that all companies and businesses should achieve on top of their list – constantly improving the brand awareness, managing to stay relevant against the competition, optimizing and managing your marketing budget successfully, as well as engaging your current customers and/ visitors, as well as finding new ones. Of course, after finding those comprehensive goals, you must find some unique goals which will creatively distinguish you from the other competition. You should strive to find two primary goals, and two secondary goals which will guide you into the social media world and try to achieve those. Having a lot of goals in the first place can be hard to achieve and focus on.
  2. Choose your channels and tactics

    There are a lot of social media channels and platforms today, and the overall users of those platforms have a lot of choice, which leads to public fragmentation. Many businesses are choosing to have a presence on every social network that is popular today or try to chase the trending ones. But, without doing a research on your ideal customer persona, or where your target market is, this can be a wrong strategy.

You should focus on what social media platform will give you the best return on investment eventually, instead of chasing for quick profit and presence. The information that you get from your ideal buying persona is very useful and a crucial factor into finding the best platform for you. If your target market is spending 5 hours a day on Facebook, but just 30 minutes a day on Twitter, it is evident which social network out of those two should be your primary focus. When your target market is using just a specific network, and most of those people can be found there, you should focus just on that social media network, and ignore the rest. You do not have to be present anywhere, but just to be present in the right place and the right time.

Another advice is, you should not chase trends, but rather create them. The tactics for social media stems from your overall objectives and strategy. For example, if you want to have bigger conversions through Facebook ads, you should target your ads specifically as conversion-friendly to the Facebook users.

  1. Research and know your audienceAs we already said, making ideal buying, or ideal audience personas are key factor into successful social media strategy which will keep you healthy in the business in the long run. You should focus on investigation of what topics and interests are keeping your ideal audience engaged.

You should ask yourself – what is your target audience trying to solve? Do they have any problems or needs that they ask to find solution to? You need to find specific users on social media which you will speak to with specific and targeted posts and announcement. Of course, you can have intuition about which your ideal audience is, but for starters, it is always necessary to have that ideal costumer in mind. That way, you will always have a demographic outlook on how your average customer will look like, including his interests, behavior, education, perception of life, etc.

Your ideal customer has some goals and challenges, as well as your business. When you meet those goals and challenges, the two can find the perfect business-customer relationship. For example, are you looking for teenage users? Some statistic has shown that the most important social network for the younger demographic is Instagram, followed by Twitter and Facebook.

  1. & 5. Develop a content marketing calendar and post content that is relevant to newsworthy topics and events

You may have found your goals, focused on some social networks, and even found your ideal target audience. Now, what’s left? Of course, to engage that exact audience in the right social media networks with the right content and at the right time you need a good content marketing calendar. You should plan content, headlines, likes which are current and reflect what your users like to read on your channel. The great content on social media is the key factor into staying relevant and engaged, and without great content, your whole social media presence is nothing. Both social media and content have mutual relationship and cannot function without each other.

There are three ways of doing a winning content strategy for social media – the type of content that is posted, the scheduling of those posts, and of course, the frequency of posting the content on social media. The content can be presented through several things – posts, images, videos…

In the last years, videos became the most emerging type of content on Facebook, and a lot of businesses are investing in it, but of course the text-only posts and images are still powerful in doing their function. About frequency, you should be careful how you dose the content for the users. You should find the ideal amount of releases in order to have your customers/fans focused, instead of letting them be annoyed.

  1. Treat all of your social channels differently

Last, but not least, act with all of your social channels in a different manner. Namely, be careful not to post the same content in each of your platforms because as we mentioned above, the audience on each of those platforms is different and they interact in a different manner as well.


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