Discovery leader in the search of Beadow Chen. To really succeed in the China SEO, you will need to understand a deeper understanding of how giant search is done.

However, using this same approach to Google is unlikely to rank your website near the top of page 1 of the possibility of improving the Bido. Baidu SEO comes with complex language problems, cultural differences, user behavior, and legal problems, with its unique and challenging environment, sensor ship, and technical ideas.

While Internet is full of instruction, how SEO is for Google, Buddha SEO has some resources in English (or for Chinese) for it. What instructions are usually extraordinary and primarily mainly. Therefore, we have developed the final guide to the audio SEO, which can be expertise in the world through the development of SEO tools for global and Asian markets with global experts.

This massive, deep guide covers all aspects of Baidu SEO, you need to rocket up to the top of your site ranking with each site and master the SEO complex world in China. Instead of Google, we will deeply deepen all aspects of improving Buddha.

Let’s start with the introduction of badly SEO and how are different from Google.

China search market introduction

While Google is the dominant car engine in most countries, only 2.3% of all the searches in China are on the western search wall. It may be possible that its arrangement may be closed in China by the great firewall, but before the block he had already placed it, he never had a strong position. Instead, local search engines are ruler in China.

China search engine market share 2017

Bangladesh is a clear leader in China, whose search is 68.5%, remote number two with 360 is 14.2%. Soho’s Tencent Baked Sogou followed sharply 12.4%. Alibaba’s relatively new mobile search engine, Shinima, is growing at 1.6 per cent overall, with a huge presence on mobile search. You measure 0.9% of all searches in search engines such as Dhau, Bing, and Yahoo.

Introduction to Baidu

Established by Robin Lee and Eric Zoo in 2000, Bedo is a technology company known for his search engines. He was the initial forces in China’s quest, copies many aspects of Google’s approach and design. While bino is simply easy to dismiss as Chinese Google Clone, they are very unique under the surface.

Baddo has mainly dominated the market; it is that Chinese text has the ability to translate and interpret more effectively than other search engines (such as Google), due to high quality results. From.

The search engine is the largest index of Chinese web pages in the world, and is certainly Chinese focus. The user interface is available only in Chinese, and gives priority to Chinese language sites. Index contains too many non-Chinese language sites or returned to search engine results.

Badoo, as Google does not search for itself, but cloud computing, travel sites, maps, music and video platforms, translation services, more than 13 million articles, one web browser, one with an Android Wikipedia provides numerous services including Clone. Base mobile operating system, and even self-driving cars. As soon as Google, Badoo sold a wide range of revenue by selling ads on their search results pages and ad networks.

Review of Baidu SERP

In its beginning, the relevance between Google and the audio was clear. However, for many years, Bude has added many unique features to his search engines results pages (SERPs). For example, in the following patrones, how to use a variety of rich samples to improve the user experience. But before we are Different and Google SERPs are different, before it is able to understand that they are similar and take effect to impress each other’s certificate.

Here are 2 examples:

At the beginning of this year, Google stopped advertising on the right column of their guardians. A few months later, Bado did this.

Over the last few years, Google has increased its use of rich pieces. For Boodo, rich samples have been used very quickly. Some SEOs have suggested that Google has actually copied Bedo in this regard.

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