Clarity in business is extremely important whether you are the employer or the employee. As with most things in life, having clear expectations and a clear understanding of the scope of work, outcomes and deliverables is the foundation of a successful business relationship that will last in time. Being able to articulate how much services are going to cost is a pivotal piece of any contractual agreement, and using an hourly price quotation template can be very helpful in making sure all parties involved are on the same page. Aside from defining what the contractor will deliver upon the end of the project, the cost of his or her time is also an important factor in the equation.

Those individuals who perform free-lance work should always be careful of submitting their hourly price quotation to prospective employers. By using an hourly price quotation template free-lancers make sure they are not forgetting any essential pieces that may later devalue the price of their work. Similarly, services charged by the hour (such as house cleaning or movers) should also be quoted using an hourly price quotation so the user is aware of all charges incurred for the services and what any additional time might cost.

There is some debate on whether independent contractors should charge by the hour or by the project. Whereas this is a very personal decision, charging by the hour may give the contractor more control over those changes in scope that inevitable surface along the way. It is not uncommon for customers to change their minds on what they want once the project has started and having an hourly rate somewhat protects the contractor from those changes in direction. In order to accurately provide a quote, it is best to use service quotation template in order to address as many contingencies as possible from the moment the contract goes into effect.

Hourly Price Quote Template

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