A landlord and a tenant generally sign a contract. This contract is also referred to as a House Rental Agreement Contract. This document shows that the landlord and the tenant have agreed to the terms in the rental agreement. The rental agreement gives the tenant the right to pay money to live in the house for a specified time.

It shows the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord too. Included here are 20 different House Rental Agreement Templates to download.

House Rent Agreement Format

Of course, there is certain information that is basic to every rental agreement. The agreement should contain the name of the tenants that are renting the property. The names included in the agreement are legally obligated to pay the rent. The form should also include occupancy limits. It should name the people that signed the contract only. Or that other occupants are not allowed. The agreement should also show rental fees, the date that the rent is due, along with required deposits and other fees. Stipulations about repairs, maintenance, privacy rights, restrictions, and pets should also be a part of the document. Take a look at the templates here. They are perfect examples of professional House Rental Agreement Templates.

House Rental Agreement Samples

The house rental agreement samples are free to download to your computer. They are provided in PDF and Word format. In addition, the samples are very easy to customize to add important rental information or to fit your house rental situation.

This Download Include Following House Rental Agreement Templates

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