An equipment lease agreement protects both you as the owner of the equipment and the person leasing it. It’s easy to overlook important conditions when composing a lease agreement yourself.

You’ll find four equipment lease agreement samples here. After reviewing the samples, chose from our selection of equipment lease agreement templates the one that most closely matches your situation. Then edit the template until it is customized to fit your circumstances.

As you are editing one of our equipment lease agreement templates, keep in mind that it’s important to spell out certain items. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Condition of the equipment when the lease begins
  • Responsibility for damage incurred during lease period
  • Restrictions on how the equipment can be used
  • Who is responsible for normal repair and maintenance

You may need to edit some items to be in compliance with your local state laws.

You will find many of the other important terms and conditions in our equipment lease agreement samples. You can pick and choose among those that are relevant to your situation to further modify your template. When you’ve finished editing, simply download the completed template.

After you and your lessee sign and date the original agreement, be sure that each of you has a copy. Keep your copy filed with your other important business documents.

The information included on this site and on our equipment lease agreement templates are provided for self-help only and are not intended to replace professional legal advice.