A Power of Attorney is a legal document that empowers an individual to handle your personal affairs in the event of a certain situation. The individual who fills out the power of attorney for is referred to as the ‘principal’ while the person they choose to carry out their duties on their behalf is called the ‘agent’. These duties can involve a number of tasks, such as taking care of financial and banking transactions to making health care decisions. There are many different situations that require a specific form of Power of Attorney. One of these forms is the Durable Power of Attorney.

A Durable Power of Attorney is one where the document will remain valid. For example, if you have a Power of Attorney in effect, and something occurs to you, you want to make sure that those powers remain valid and cannot be altered due to your situation. The Durable Power of Attorney form handles this issue. This means that whether the Power of Attorney is special, health care, financial, or any other of the Power of Attorney types, the powers given to the agent will remain valid.

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