An old real estate adage boast “location, location, location,” in justifying the hefty price of certain properties. For the owner of such a piece of property, they may have the ability to develop it to the full potential. Most property owners would consider extra income on an existing asset as a financial relief. Likewise, most potential tenants covet the property but are unable to acquire the funding to purchase it. In times when a portion of land or a building can be divided to accommodate another business, the owner should consider a Booth Rental Agreement.

Booth Rental Agreements are popular with flea market vendors, hair stylists and small businesses found in shopping mall concourses. In the simplest form, the agreement provides space in a commercially developed location allowing a tenant access to the defined space and all available utilities. The landlord is able to outline the conditions such as restricting the use of space, payment terms and termination of the lease. Unlike a traditional commercial lease, the Booth Rental Agreement can provide a small business owner a desirable location without municipal inspections, financing or the possibility of foreclosure if the business fails.

For your convenience, we are providing free Booth Rental Agreement samples which can be altered to your specific needs. Created in PDF and MS Word format, these free forms are easy to edit, save and print.

While the design is easy to use, the following considerations should be addressed prior to printing. Probably the most important item is a clear definition of the space that will be leased. Setting the physical boundaries and expectation of use will be the basis of a good business relationship. Without addressing this subject, a tenant might consider changing their struggling cupcake booth to an E-cigarette business or subletting the space to another business without your consent.

Another item to add to the Rental Booth Agreement is the payment schedule along with any late charge and failure to pay policies. If the tenant defaults on the contract how will your reclaim the leased space and restrict future access? How will you address the tenant’s property, such as goods and supplies, which is now in your possession?

Using our professionally designed Booth Rental Agreement samples will assist you in addressing these issues without the headache of creating a new form from scratch. In addition, you are able to save a master copy and edit the design to match your personal taste.

While these samples provide a standard form of a Booth Rental Agreement, they do not represent legal advice. A qualified attorney should be consulted with all questions concerning landlord and tenant rights.