A basic lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a “landlord” and another party or multiple parties. Lease agreements give full and detailed information about the rules and regulations of occupying a residence whether it be an apartment, townhouse, house, or condo. These agreements contain all of the information that can make or break someone.


We have a number of different basic lease agreement samples as well as blank templates. These can be used in various ways for various premises. The best part about the samples and templates is that they are written in Microsoft Word. Since they are in this format, they can easily opened and edited without a problem. They can also be used and edited on an as needed basis.

Information that landlords usually include in these basic lease agreements are: the names of all parties that are over the age of 18 years that will be planning on occupying the residence, a limit on who is to live in the residence, the length of the lease, deposits and fees, monthly rent, information about repairs and damages, information about pets, restrictions, and information about entering the property once it is occupied.

Having basic lease agreements are very important for all who are in this. Having this documentation be very helpful in the event that the landlord has to take the tenant to court or vice versa. It is always recommended that all parties keep copies of all important paperwork.

This Download Includes Following Type of Basic Lease Agreement Samples:

  • Basic Lease Agreement Example
  • Basic Lease Agreement Sample
  • Blank Lease Agreement Format
  • Land Lease Agreement Sample
  • Residential Lease Agreement Sample