It is important for a person to know just how much they will be paying each month when they are considering purchasing a vehicle and taking out a loan to do that. There is an Auto Loan Calculator found here that will help the one who is trying to figure out what they can afford to spend on a car. When someone is trying to figure out which vehicle they should purchase, they will find that a calculator can help them determine how much they have to pay each month in order to take out each loan amount. There are calculators found here that can be printed and put to use, and they work with Microsoft Word, PDF programs, and with Excel. An Auto Loan Calculator allows an individual to put in the price of their vehicle and the amount of time that they would like to spend paying it off and then figure out how much they will be paying each month. There are options here in that regard.

This download contains following type of Auto Loan Calculator Spreadsheets:

  • Auto Loan Calculator Spreadsheet
  • Vehicle Loan Payment Calculator Spreadsheet
  • Car Payment Calculator for Excel
  • Car Loan Calculator for Excel