An Apartment Lease Agreement is an legal contact document made between the person intending to lease the apartment and that who want to partially own. To get one of this agreement, you don’t have to wait for an agent or legal fellow to get you a sample, we offer free apartment lease agreement format right here on our website. All on has to do is download, edit and print a complete agreement for signing only.

The Apartment Lease Agreement format has all the below terms and conditions as to qualify legality as a binding document in its right legal format. Here are the specifications you will find in the agreement sample



  1. Change of ownership: It requires the owner and the person intending to lease the apartment be compelled to the right title names. The landlord/lessor/agent shall change title and be referred as the owner and the tenant shall be known as the resident. The owner therefore agrees to rent/lease to the resident and vice versa.
  2. Terms: the terms of payment are specified under this clause with the amount of payment made in advance and record kept showing the detailed of month, year and the price per payment as specified. It also shows when payment commences. This is done until when the spelled time when the property shall return to the right owner. In any case between the resident shall comply to all liabilities until the specified time period. This makes sure that the contract is followed and there is no breaching and thus the actual amount intended is paid.
  3. Facilities: the agreement states that in case there is destruction of the property by any of the parties involved the agreement can be terminated. This ensures that the property is in good shape until when it is back to the rightful owners.
  4. General maintenance: it is clear that all property is handed over from the owner to the resident in good form. If any damage occurs during the period of the agreement, the liable person is the resident and shall be required to hand them in good shape as it was therein.



Apartment lease agreement are samples which are downloadable, editable in Word and printable. They contain all detail there is in any apartment lease agreement hence standard and legal. They have many clauses that are covered and require a thorough editing and proof reading before the signing. These agreement template formats also act as best practice to write of your own. They are free for all. Get yours now free and fast.