If you are planning to take a test in near future but you are thinking what to choose then think. You can prefer GMAT over CAT.  There are many people who think if they should take the Common Admission Test (CAT) or should they take the GMAT?” well, it is a question that MBA aspirants encounter these days.

There are different other main dilemmas too that students face like which test will they stand a better chance at?” “Which test is going to give them more‘there are many certain questions that pop up and irritate the aspirants like anything. Aspirants even think why GMAT over cat should be chosen? Ah, you might also be one of the persons who are planning to take either CAT or GMAT.  Following are a few points that will help you decide.

The number of aspirants

Over the recent five years, both the CAT and GMAT tests have displayed a reliable rise in the number of candidates, apart from the last year. The number of candidates for both the tests declined lately. However, even after taking into consideration the decline, the number of test takers for CAT is nearly three times as much as the number of test aspirants for GMAT. It means since there is less competition and less tension, it would apparently mean more chances and opportunities are for you there.

Capability to Improve the Score

Again one of the major aspectsas far as the CAT is concerned;it is    like a bullet shot from a gun. Once shot, the bullet cannot be recalled. Secondly, the aspirants just have one shot at the CAT, in a specific academic year.  Whether you couldn’t perform well on the day of test because of fight with your friend, stomached ache or an accident; it all does not matter. Once you have harmed your test, it’s done.

However, as far as GMAT is concerned, you have a lifetime cap of eight times that you can take the exam. You know in an academic year, you are permitted to take the GMAT test five times. However it should have an interval of sixteen days between attempts. Of course these repeat attempts toaccompany a price, but that crucial option to enhance your score is there and works wonders for many aspirants.

It simply means that in case you have a bad day or something awful emerges at work, you can shift the GMAT date to take it once you are ready. In fact, you can even reschedule the GMAT dates online up to a week before the day of the test. In this way you have that ease and chance that is not found in CAT.

Select your sections

Before starting the GMAT, now you have the choice to pick the order in which you wish to take up the different sections. It certainly helps you to devise a strategy on the basis of your strengths and weaknesses. It is a recent change to the test of GMAT structure, and got introduced in July 2017. This type of section selection is not allowed in the CAT.


So, these points might have given you a prospective about what you need to choose right? Go ahead and make a right choice for you. All the best!


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