Yamaha is all set to launch its R15 version 3 model in 2019. And the brand has claimed that the potential buyers will find some significant and awesome changes in the V3 model.

Here we have made as significant comparison in between the R15 V2 and R15 V3 models to give you a detailed information about the changes introduced in the 2019 V3 model.

And also talks about that “how the V3 model is better than its previous V2 model variant?”

The changes in Engine

  • The R15 V3 will be availablewith 155cc engine displacement with the single cylinder and liquid cooled technology whereas the R15 v2 model is available with the 149cc engine displacement.
  • The maximum power for V3 will be availableat 19.31ps @ 10000rpm and whereas for the V2 it is of 16.58 ps@8500.
  • The peak torque for the V3 will be available at 15 Nm @ 8500 rpm and whereas for the V2 it is of 15Nm @ 7500 rpm
  • Both the variants are available in 6 speed no. of manual gears with the tubeless tyres
  • Whereas there will no change in the suspension in both the R15 models.


Whereas the most important to consider is the mileage it offers whereas the V3 is expected to give a mileage of 48.75Km/l and whereas the V2 offers a mileage of 40Km/l.

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Top speed

The V3 is expected to offer the higher top speed than V2 as it is claims to be 144 Km/h and whereas for the V2 it is found to be 131Km/h.

Some significant highlights of R15 V3 2019 model

  • The new 2019 Yamaha R15V3 certainly looks significantly sportier than the R15 V2.
  • It gets numerous new body boards, which, alongside the new USDs, make the V3.0 resemble a greater machine.
  • Additionally, the new colourschemes as Racing Blue and Thunder Grey and decals make the bike look increasingly more alluring.
  • The V3 is also expected to have the sharp LED headlamps.
  • The R15 V3.0 likewise gets another speedo and a superior riding position than the R15 V2.0.
  • The 6-speed gearbox on Yamaha R15 Version 3 is matched to shoe grasp for better on-track execution. Yamaha R15   Version 3 is outfitted with VVA innovation. It represents Variable Valve Actuation.
  • Yamaha is utilizing greater 282mm front and 220mm back circle brake on R15 V3. This mix is considerably more successful than 267mm and 220mm brakes on the V2. The expansion in surface region encourages better braking on the new R15 bike.
  • The R15 v3 2019 model will be available with the ABS technology. The brand has introduced the ABS technology very first time in the R15 models.

About price

In terms of price, Yamaha R15 price for the 2019 model is available at ₹ 1.39 Lakh. (Yamaha R15 price may also vary as per the different location).


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